Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciosis (Plantar Fasciitis)

Plantar fasciosis is pain arising from a thin dense band of non-elastic tissue which is attached to the bottom of the heel and extends to the ball of the foot. The structure is important in raising the heel off the ground in walking and running. The term plantar fasciitis is incorrect as this means inflammation and this is a condition of repetitive stress and is not usually inflammatory.

Pain can occur anywhere along its length but is most common at the heel. Symptoms are weight bearing pain on rising and after rest which subsides after 5-10 minutes but can get worse with extended excercise. Treatment consists of a combination of cushioning supports in shoe, ice, stretches, strapping and occasionally corticosteroid injections preferably under ultrasound guidance.


This occurs when a tendon is damaged by being overstretched or by overuse causing small tears which result in inflammation. Untreated the tendon can eventually degenerate a condition known as tendonosis.

Most tendons in the foot arise from the lower leg and there are many sites which can be a problem. One that is often a problem is the Achilles.